August 6th, 2013


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So far, things are good at the faire. I'm really trying to open up more, but I was happy that my performing skills are looked at favorably. :D

This is great, as I've decided to TRY to take advantage of someone's offer of cheap headshots, which I will then use to try to get into some casting notices. BUT, I also have a job interview this week, and I'm hoping to get this job...but it might mean I will have to pass up some auditions.

However, I've decided after this, I'm not going to do any childrens' theater for a while. I feel I'm doing too much of it already, and it's not good. I want to be versatile and NOT getting exposed to other works for different audiences isn't helping. Sure, I hadn't passed an audition for another play geared for adults before I lucked out, but I'm not giving up. I am surprised that two of these musicals are complete opposites...

("This is a pretty good horror film...but where are all the rock and roll musical numbers?!"-Mr. Fletcher [Richard T. O'Brien], "Phineas and Ferb")

Self explanatory, religious themed musical where a group of hippies act out the bible.

Yes, that's the guy from "Alias". :)

The third one is a comedy about a play within a play with some disgruntled actors, but more than half turn up missing on the night of an important performance. And that'll be performed at a restaurant...hmm...

Right now, I still have no idea what I'm doing (Because of the job) but heck, I'm gonna audition for them anyway if I can.
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