July 25th, 2013


Yesterday, half of that was a misunderstanding. It wasn't intentional censorship I faced, it was a site using a new system and getting comments eaten.

However, I am not making a mistake about where my political beliefs lie. I don't mention them at all, because it seems they're not 'popular'. Supporting the right thing is NEVER popular. I care about people, I care about the unborn, how does that make anyone else that does the bad guy? So in the off times I do, I get a lot of flack.

But make no mistake, when I express them, I do NOT push them on others. I am being MATURE about this. I'm not some idiot who will blindly follow the lemmings off the cliff.

It just seems that what I'm disappointed in are the people who throw around the term tolerance yet when it doesn't fit their beliefs, they'll be assholes. Guess what? I'm not like that. I may not agree with you about it, but I will NOT be an ASSHOLE about it. Start practicing what you preach.

I could go on about other things that are bothering me, but I think that will be for another time. It doesn't seem right in this post.

EDIT-I decided to leave that group because there would rather be people who like to be assholes instead of be mature adults and listen to the other side. Fuck them all.
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