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A big fuck you to...

To the surprise of no one, it seemed the showrunners caved to the 'fans' regarding Mulan. And this is really insulting to a lot of people-

*The LGBT community, especially since they initially said they would NOT make it an existing character and it would be handled with dignity, which it is NOT to make it more of a stereotype. Shows like "Friends" and "Brookyln Nine-Nine" have handled it WAY better.
*The people who have paid attention to the damn show! Why fuck with continuity?! There was no damn attraction to Aurora when they first met! I will cite tvtropes.org's "Suddenly Sexuality" for how there is NO rationalization for this change.

Again, I have brought this to ABC's attention that I'm very displeased with how they are handling this. And even more so, with whoever at Disney is letting them get away with this. This and the unnecessary race lift are making the real fans pissed off and if they cared anything about their own characters, this person would be fired, PRONTO.

However, is anyone really sure if it IS real? She was with Phillip, then Aurora, then the Merry Men...it's making me think this whole 'stranger in a strange land' theory is even more correct if she can't stand to be by herself and takes to becoming devoted to whoever she's with...hmm...maybe it's all due to monophobia?

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