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The value of paying attention and the foolishness of the "Peppermint Patty Principle".

NOTE: I am going to be editing this post as soon as I have more screencaps made...

I was happy to finally get season 2 of OUAT. And I also have a lot of things to say about how the show is declining due to bad decisions. Even more infuriating is Sarah Bolger not realizing what is REALLY going on with her character's storyline, but I will go to that later.

Firstly, I go to the deleted scenes. We do have Archie seeing those creepy marionettes who used to be Geopetto's parents and feeling incredibly guilty. However, they had what was REALLY supposed to happen to Malcolm and that was he was supposed to be killed for running out on a bet. Now they're claiming they had the whole "Malcolm is Peter Pan" thing planned from the beginning. NO. You had something that made WAY more sense planned out, and then you pull this shit after it was cut out of the episode. I don't know why you could've stayed with what J.M. Barrie did and had Peter as Rumpel's long-lost brother.

Now onto what Sarah believes about Mulan. She apparently thinks that Mulan is gay. I would like to ask Sarah one BIG question:

Have you WATCHED your own show?

I'm afraid that the creators may have been doing this because of the 'fans'. The ones that I mentioned last time. That they would go back on something they said earlier because of them. Which is a shame, because they said it would NOT be an existing character and it would be done with DIGNITY. This does not say 'dignity' at all. It's very much like someone else people think is a lesbian but who actually isn't: Peppermint Patty.

There's been a lot of flawed logic over her. Just because she is a tomboy and has a friend who refers to her as 'sir', then people think she's gay. Excuse me, but she's a kid. And if they bothered to watch the "Peanuts" specials, most of her interactions with Charlie Brown is her flirting with him as well as in "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown" where she and Marcie fall for the same guy. Only she's too oblivious to see he likes Marcie.

Honestly, I've been paying attention to how she's been acting around Phillip and I am able to finally screencap it-

 photo Proof1_zps274569e3.jpg

 photo Proof2_zps063a5744.jpg

Prince Phillip is going to wake up Aurora, who he is betrothed to. Plus he says "If this works, we don't tell her everything...right away." (Hmm...) And her body language seeing them kissing after he woke her up...she thinks that he's going to go back to Aurora and she's going to be forgotten about. And she is sadly walking away. Plus, when she first talks to her, NO ATTRACTION. Just being matter-of-fact about what is going on. And how defensive and in denial she gets when Aurora realizes it later!

 photo Proof3_zps02e1db59.jpg

 photo Proof4_zps9e89a135.jpg

And when they first met? Would she be smiling if she WASN'T attracted?! Of course, I have my suspicions she also took to him because she's not one of the locals...and also the same reason she decided to join with Robin Hood's merry men...

There's also a huge matter of common sense when two people are interested in the same person, they will talk things over if they do not want to drive a wedge in their friendship. It's a shame Sarah doesn't have common sense to see this is WHAT THE SCENE WAS REALLY ABOUT. As well as something the Nostalgia Chick elaborated on in her review of "Return of the King" with an openly gay reviewer: that people do not know that a long time ago, close friendships did involve personal contact and were NOT looked at as gay. And now society thinks you must be gay if you hug or give a polite kiss to someone of the same gender. Which is just sad.

Plus, if she was into her (And we all saw how Aurora tried to kill Mulan on numerous occasions with no luck), why on Earth would she want to bring Phillip back? Think about it.

Really, I have been in situations where I could not bear to talk to a guy after I found out he already had a girlfriend. Knowing there was now a baby involved is her realizing he's made his choice.

I would also like to bring up that I am also skeptical they didn't watch the movie. She only joined the army because her father was in ill health and if he denied the Imperial Order, he would be put to execution. She never wanted to be a soldier. All this is proves they shoved her in and didn't focus much on writing a better character. Hell, Princess Jasmine would've worked much better and we wouldn't have had all this BS. Though there is something that I hope will be explained...Tamera had said the portals were opened once before. And if Neil remembered the movie "Mulan", he'd know the only out of the ordinary thing was the dragon sent by the ancestral spirits that watched over her...

 photo Proof6_zpse8d0b286.jpg

Now, how do you suppose this guy got to OUR world? Simple. There's been a lot of debate over her existence in the real world as the story happened in 3rd-6th century AD. Maybe part of watching over her is that she was about to be executed after her identity is exposed and he sent her to FTL so she would be safe. It could mean that she had her memories erased because by this time, everything she knew would be gone. Plus, you do recall she is skeptical that an ordinary stick could have magic in it? No one who IS from FTL would doubt that magic would be in innocuous things.


If only they would get to explaining this as well as the real motivations of Cinderella's fairy godmother.

Also, I do think I know who Tiana would be in this series...

 photo Proof5_zps504da38c.jpg

Think about it, she existed as a young woman in the '20s and was quite skeptical of magic...I wonder if this will ever be elaborated on as well.

But getting back to the point, I've had my share of the 'fans' calling me homophobic and in the closet because I've bothered to pay attention to what's been going on in the show. No, that makes me observant. That just makes YOU hateful and narrow-minded. And if the creators would just get a clue that pandering to these people instead of sticking to what they meant to do, then I think we could get a lot of problems fixed. We don't need this rift in the fandom to get bigger due to a bunch of people with superiority complexes and pride. :( This is a show you HAVE to pay attention to. What use is ruining continuity to shut people up? :(

One final thought, I could point out that I don't think Sir Lancelot is dead, but that's going to be REALLY hard to explain...

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