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I know I haven't written in a long time, but it seems when I'm upset about something, I will be VOCAL.

I have been hearing the creators of OUAT have been facing pressure from so-called fans over a lack of diversity on the show. And their choice regarding Rapunzel is something I'm afraid is a result of caving in to these bullies. They made her black. I would not have a problem with it if it was ANOTHER princess, maybe one that does NOT have an established Disney movie about her. They did NOT do that with the other princesses and they should realize these kinds of decisions are going to make the rift in the fanbase grow and with all the bitching and moaning, that is the LAST thing that should be done.

However, when I say who they should have chosen, I'm being attacked as a racist. But I have been saying since SEASON 1 that they should have gotten Maggie Grace-

It was obvious as not only does she look like her, she was also on "LOST" and they have a tendency to use people from that show. I even heard someone say Diana Agron, though I think she would be best as Sarah in that movie version of "Dance of the Vampires" that still needs to be made. But I think what these people who are calling racist do NOT understand is that these are ICONIC characters. I don't mind when another show does it (Like on "Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child" and an "In Living Color" sketch), but that's because they are NOT copying the Disney characters. These are the most recognizable characters in the world and making a radical change like this is going to make people unhappy.

I really think the real reason is that the creators (Who need to stop giving lame "Thank you for being so thoughtful" tweets to the people disappointed in them) are pandering because of all these rude people. And what's worse, these people don't even ADMIT the show IS diverse. Aside from black actors, there's Pacific Islander, Jewish, Cuban, Korean, Latino, Indian...yet they still claim SOME of those groups do not count! I think this is an accurate summation of how these people are REALLY behaving:

You won't accept the truth because you want to feel 'special' and keep bitching about it even though it is proven.

I think what the creators REALLY need to do is act more like Emma. She would NEVER give in to a bully and this is EXACTLY what they are doing.

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