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Why I think SONY may have been listening to us about the "Smurfs" movies... -SPOILERS-

I am the type of person that plays armchair film executive, who likes to say "Oh, they should do this!" "They should cast this person!" "They need to turn this property into a film!" The following isn't much of a surprise until the end.

I grew up on "The Smurfs" like most non-European kids in the '80s...and I knew that the series is really a spin-off of a comic series Peyo created called "Johan and Peewit", which is about a young knight and his squire in the middle ages. The two would appear in the show from time to time with other characters from the stories and were even featured in one of the animated movies.

When the live-action movies were announced, I was disappointed to see that it was set in the present for most of it. Because usually, that means the studio will cheap out. But like the "Chipmunks" movies, even if some things were changed drastically, they still honored the series. (Which we can attribute to Peyo's daughter Veronique, who was the inspiration for Smurfette as a child.) Especially regarding Smurfette, as her backstory is explained in both films, and a pop-up book version of her origin story opens the second film.

But it seems that the end of this new installment may be a big clue to what the proposed third one will be about-

In this one, Papa created some crystals from the blue moon portal that sent them to the present when Smurfette is kidnapped by Vexxy (A female 'naughty' created in the same way Smurfette was by Gargamel) and taken to present day Paris. After their adventures and they've returned home, he puts the remaining crystals in a box for safekeeping...

As for Gargamel, at the end of the film, he and Azrael return home to the Middle Ages...

Which must mean...THE THIRD FILM IS MOST POSSIBLY SET IN THE MIDDLE AGES. And I'm guessing that somehow the Winslow family gets sent there by mistake! Or, Gargamel has a score to settle after Patrick's stopped his evil plans again...

I had forgotten to mention their plotline from the film...Patrick's stepdad, Victor Doyle, is introduced, and even though he has good intentions, he has a bad habit of messing things up by accident. He's also a businessman who has a company that sells corn dogs, with a mascot called "The Corn Dog King". So yes, I could SEE his well-meaning stepdad being in the next one, mistaken for royalty by the medieval villagers... XD

Honestly, I have been saying that since the first film, I'm also sure many others have been out there, and this could be a sign Sony is listening to the fans and perhaps giving us the movie they should've done in the first place.

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