Obsidian Blackbird McKnight (ladracul) wrote,
Obsidian Blackbird McKnight

So I haven't really been going on about what I'm trying to do for my REAL career...

Right now, I have yet to sign up with the extras casting agency in Chicago as I have NOT been seeing anything for my age range...but it confuses me as I look younger than I do and wouldn't know if it WOULD be a good idea to do that if they were looking for younger...besides, I think I need to take a new photo to send as I've lost 5 pounds since then...

Speaking of that, I've met a friend who offered to help me with my head shots. Except I have not talked to her because she's been busy and under a lot of stress. :( I will try to get in touch, but right now, that's not a priority.

The problem for looking with work is that-
1. Many of the listings I've seen are in Chicago. I am not very familiar with the area, and I would LOVE to go down and see where these places are. But again, I have to wait because of money problems.
2. Some places nearby were asking for singers. I am a good singer, but not professional level. Which is one reason why I have not bothered to go for the casting call at the resort theater here...maybe I'd luck out and catch the one in Spring, but I still do need to work at my singing.
3. I don't have many resources. I think I have mentioned how I refuse to pay for Backstage magazine's online service because it really SHOULD be something offered for FREE. (Um, hello, most actors have a hard enough time living on their own...) I have found one with Non-Equity listings that is reliable, but again, since I have no idea where most of the theaters are, I have yet to use it. Also Actor's Pages, but I have not seen any good listings for IL come up as it's few and far between...like where the area is exactly and what they're looking for... Good news is, I have a profile up-


As for classes (Because I know I'm not great), it's a problem because the only ones offered for adults cost too much and of course, my parents refuse to pay for that. I'll try to work out some deal with them, but since I'm in this position, I am REALLY hoping I won't have to pass up the next one...

I am very happy that there's the audition next Monday, and I REALLY hope I can do it. (I'm still waiting to hear on actual jobs...I may have to pass it up if I am employed...) I'm thinking I may have to wait until January if that happens. But I hear about some people who have had to wait a long time before anything, and I really do feel I'm not moving ahead and getting better because of this stupid situation. It took a long time to say I wanted to do this and have some people (slowly) give me the support I need, and I've had to deal with a lot of roadblocks. I really don't think I need to be putting this on hold anymore.

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