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It's mere coincidence, but...

Mattel finally revealed "Ever After High", a spinoff of "Monster High" (Amore Cupid being the character that ties them together) and some of it resembles a popular TV series.

I'm not saying they've ripped it off, toy lines take about 3 years to develop, so it was probably conceived a year before OUAT was aired. Still, some of it is awfully similar. (Though I can see some of "Wicked" in the webisode told from Raven's POV.)
The moment when you realize your fandom has gone to the furries:

May. 1st, 2013

Even if I'm feeling better than yesterday, I'm still pretty annoyed with people. And in some cases, I'm a little mad at myself.

Ever since I lost my job, I am not around other people and it bugs me because I hate living in this town and I had been finding myself wanting to move away. Of course, I can't because of this job problem.

The point is, I really am happy I am involved with the Ren Faire, I'm hoping I can meet people who create and to form sincere friendships with them. Everyone knows I don't want friendship for superficial reasons...I'm not that kind of person. (Of course, I'm also upset that I've tried to offer my performing to some people online who are in the metropolitan area who make good videos, but they never answered back. Where am I to find these things and NOT have to go to the filthy underbelly that is craigslist?)

That does bring me to the fact I feel like I'm doing these things alone. I don't know how to edit videos, so that's why it's all single camera in one take with me. As well as the fact I don't have anyone to do these with. So really, I AM doing it alone.

I need to stop being shy...it might be one of the biggest reasons I'm not getting what I want out of life. Still, what am I going to in this downtime? It's just same old, same old. I think I will go far away for a while on Friday and try to forget about this.
I'm not sure when this started, but it seems like I'm too afraid to say 'congratulations' to anyone when something good happens to them.

It's pretty much because I'm afraid I'm going to snap at them for no reason. And I don't want to do that because of how bad this situation I am in is. I really am more mad at all that has happened and it's really not fair to take it out on someone that doesn't deserve it.

I'm also just mad at myself as well. I'm afraid of talking to people because I'm afraid of turning them off. I also don't want to barge in on whatever they have going on, even if I want to be a part of it. I'm also upset at other people not getting how I'm feeling. Which may be why I have not been involved with some of these people, it's just awkward when they don't realize how much they've hurt you and you can't bring yourself to tell them the real reason. Or what's one big problem, I start talking to some people to try to do things with, and it just fizzles out, like no one wants to even have any effort in a new relationship.

I'm trying to be brave. I'm trying to fix these things, but I am afraid I'm coming off as unsupportive. I'm not. I'm just afraid that I'm going to lose it and make things worse, and I can't do that. I just hope people will understand that.
Ever see a movie that made you just hate the main character? I watched "The Pit" last night, and oh boy, I just couldn't stand that kid.

SpoilersCollapse )
I know I have not posted any more of these screencaps...I don't know why, I've been trying to stay afloat for a long time, and yeesh, it's been more than a year since I posted the last chapter! So last time, it was the start of a big, epic climax and things get a bit more intense from there. (Although in some cases, it was almost a lot stranger...) First image is hidden as it's a little NSFW...

More, Spoilers, NSFWCollapse )

And the next one is the last one!!! But I did find this video where Anthrax member and "I Love -insert topic here-" commentator Scott Ian visits Spectral Motion, the effects house responsible for the creatures in this movie. They're even playing around with Simon here. :)

NSFW (Gore)


I've had a change of plans...but...

Well, nothing much has changed. Except for me shuffling around some things I want to do.

Except the thing is, everytime I announce big things I want to do, they never happen. So aside from just one person (Because that's all I've promised myself to talk to about this), I'm not going to announce it when I'm ready. And that's going to take a while given I'm still looking for a job.

I do have an interview next week, and I really hope this pans out. So far, I had one not keep their promise of letting me know either way and one potential employer not even treating me with respect. I'm getting really sick of this. I'm hoping that this will come to an end soon.

"OZ the Great and Powerful"

So, once again, I see a movie that justifies this-

Why? There are a LOT of mind-blowing spoilers. I knew the writers of the film said about 60% of it was from the books, though they manage to even tie in something from the MGM film that make a LOT of sense...

Spoilers...mind blown, youre welcomeCollapse )

So I highly recommend the film...even if one part was too much like Mr. Raimi reminding everyone he directed the first "Spider-Man" movie...
The good news outweighs the bad...

Firstly, I have a job interview next week for a candy store opening in the mall. :) Then I received the news that I passed my audition for the Ren Faire and will be in the children's area. :D However, it will not be a paying job, and I am hoping that if I do get a job, I will be able to do both depending on what time I start there.

Still, I'm very happy despite what might come up.

We all have to lose sometimes.

I auditioned for a play this week and I didn't get in. This is the first time it's happened in a long time, and for the first time, I'm not that upset. Sure, I was looking forward to it as it would've been the first time I would've been in a play without children around. But still, there weren't many parts for women my age, and there was a lot of fooling around, which I don't think I would've been comfortable with. The only good thing that came out of it was that the director enjoyed my performance, but I'm thinking she just didn't have any place for me.

And that may be why I'm not disappointed. What made me quit the first time is the teacher telling me she didn't think I had any talent in acting, and it hurt. Being a teenager, I just didn't know that people like that could be wrong. Or that I should keep improving despite what others think.

The other reason is that I decided to audition for a paying job if I didn't get in. So I've now requested an audition with the Bristol Ren Faire (You may have seen the photos from past entries... :) ) at the end of the month. And if I do get in, it will have a lot of training to go with it. Which I will gladly welcome. I already had to pass up one for Six Flags because I don't have a proper headshot yet. (And I'm still working on it...) So I hope something will come out of that...

EDIT-I have my audition on Sunday the 24th, so I have plenty of time to prepare. :D


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